Gilbert H. Wild我已经确定了今天为您的花园提供的一些最优秀的新植物品种,我们花了过去的一年,并培养了这些品种,使他们能够添加到您的花园中。我邀请您利用这些,帮助您创建一个脱颖而出的家。


march 20, 2020

‘Sweet Tart’ Daylily

Peachy tones of the daylily‘Sweet Tart’with its ‘pie crust’ ruffled edge is a beautiful compliment to the nativeconeflower。These very different bloom forms are in contrast to the delicate blooms of俄罗斯圣人'蓝色牛仔宝贝'。所有多年生和繁多的太阳蓬勃发展多年来。

January 31, 2020

‘Lavender Blue Baby’ Daylily

Do you enjoy purple and lavender tones? We do at Moss Mountain Farm. Combining blooms in our gardens from spring until fall can be challenging… even for us designers.This combination includes a daylily that is a downright ‘jaw dropper’. It’s called‘Lavender Blue Baby’。这个多年生加上墨西哥羽毛草或'草Mexi'还有一些其他朋友,如‘Bishop of Dover’Dahlia'千年'葱属give long tree seasonal interest… from mid- 平直到秋天。检查这个完整的Sun Ensemble,它一定会满足。

January 30, 2020

'bubblegum blast'beebalm

The beauty of perennials just slays me. How about you? Designing with them is so satisfying.这是a Beebalm or Monarda we’ve had for a couple of years at Moss Mountian called‘Bubblegum Blast’。它对这么令人醒目‘Just Plum Happy’ Daylily和the perennial plant of the year (2019)Sedum'Atlantis'。一切都很棒。Well, it’s almost Friday! I hope you are enjoying my weekly newsletter from Moss Mountain Farm, sent each Friday.


‘Broaden Your Horizons’ Daylily

1月是我在山地农场做花园设计规划和植物组合。这就像用植物绘画!如你所知,Daylies非常容易成长。你怎么看待这个叫做‘Broaden Your Horizons’?我被吸引到它的颜色和形式。当种植纹理的纹理时Fountain Grass ‘Fireworks’‘Denim ‘n Lace’ Russian Sage每种工厂都脱离了下一个。一个完整的太阳多年生胜利组合。



我们去英格兰!作为研究生,我研究了设计的原则Arley Hall和applied them at Moss Mountain Farm. The great perennial flower borders are Arley’s crown jewel. Lady Ashbrook taught me much about design. She loved American natives in her perennial flower borders such as spiderwort, coneflower, and phlox. ThisPhlox ‘Blue Paradise’is a great perennial addition to any garden and plays well withDaylily ‘Yellowstone’andShasta Daisy'Banana Cream'。Yellows are a perfect accent with blue/purple.


‘Belle Cook’

这是‘Belle Cook’ Daylily,a favorite at Moss Mountain Farm. Don’t you love the soft apricot color with lemon-colored ruffles? Beautifully planted with other full sun perennials such asRussian Sage,‘Wild Berry’ Coneflowers, 和‘Blazing Star’ Liatris, too. This color always looks great with lavender and purple hues.

January 26, 2020


Are you a fan of red?房间或花园里的颜色触摸将永远吸引眼睛。这个惊人的表演者,'高地红'百合,在苔藓山场绝对是一个引人注目的人。种植在下露台花园的西侧,大胆的颜色与其他暖色调和紫色相得益彰。多年生'猫咪猫咪‘Atomic Orange’ Coneflowerprovide good contrast of bloom shape and continuous bloom. A great full sun ensemble!

January 24, 2020


Nothing like the beauty of flowers to put me in a great mood. Are you the same?这是a great little大丽花的莱斯特主教'。I really like its dark foliage, simple daisy-like bloom and it’s good for pollinators. AND this dahlia doesn’t have to be staked like the giant ones (don’t get me wrong…love those too!) At苔藓山农场we love using this bloom withRussian Sage ‘Denim and Lace’'亲爱的克莱门汀'鱼爵。All perennial companions!

January 23, 2020

‘Hopewell’ Hen & Chicks

I’ve loved ours at苔藓山农场......最近在老式植物上旋转!



芬芳任何人?I’m planting lots of Hosta this year at Moss Mountain Farm and into the fragrant ones.'皇家嵴'非常有气味和一个充满活力的植物。这是一个值得为其惊人的绽放而生长的宿主之一。分组时美丽‘August Lights’ Astilbe和ferns….especiallyJapanese painted fern!和哥伦比文!


‘Ruby’ Hydrangea

Hydrangeas make me happy. Same for you?多么伟大的花园植物,在这么多方面。‘Ruby’是一个平滑的绣球花,实际上是一种改善更大的花动力的原生。我是唯一喜欢橙色和粉红色的人吗?我发现这些是美丽的橙色盛开的黄花菜如“原始尖叫'Butterfly Weed(Asclepius)。所有多年生长!我发现在苔藓山地农场,最好是当他们早上太阳和保护时来自炎热的午后太阳......鲜花持续更长时间。



Do you love lilies? Amazing fragrance!我正在使用这个更深的粉红色东方百合叫'Cadenza'在像我的旧念珠菌一样的团块中。我不知道为什么更多不植入这些百合花,因为它们是其他鲜花的伟大多年生和良好的设计元素。爱他们'牛仔布蕾丝'贤者黑眼睛苏珊鲁巴克!

January 19, 2020


在花园里寻找低维护和高风格?多年生'黑色蒙多草'非常适合以创造性的方式使用,特别是在景观的阴暗区域。而......它是鹿的鹿!由于其美丽的黑暗树叶,它落下了诸如红花叶植物等其他颜色......通过多年生的方式......亨格拉‘Lemon Love’ Coral Bells,Hosta ‘Munchkin Fire’和其他草地如‘Ogon’

January 17, 2020

‘Berry Smoothie’ Coral Bells

Do you love foliage plants?My spring count down of perennials continues with珊瑚钟(Heuchera)'浆果冰沙'。这是叶子中的精致花朵和堵塞,引起了我的注意。Who needs bloom with colorful foliage like this? Love this semi-shade beauty withastilbe,出血的心日本彩绘蕨类植物。伟大的多年生组合。我选择了这些Gilbert H. Wild & Son我们爱他们在山山农场。188bet官网 !


'Beachy Keen'


你准备好春天吗?好吧,这是64天,直到春天正式到达,我的头在鲜花中!我最喜欢的多年生植物之一是黄花菜,为什么?坦率地说,它们是如此简单,可靠和宽容......而且,美丽。喜欢最好的朋友!这是'Beachy Keen'… don’t you love its ‘pie crust’ ruffling? And the color! Beautiful paired with other perennials such as‘Blazing Star’ Liatris,并且那个醒目'烟花的草



Do you like grey foliage plants? I’d love to know your thoughts on this new introduction calledSenecio ‘Angel Wings’...和它类似于“尘土飞扬的米勒”(那个名字总是听起来像一个乡村西装歌手给我!哈哈)。我个人喜欢灰色,因为你可能已经了解到这些植物往往会喜欢穷人,排水良好的土壤。金博宝官网所以完美的同伴会是Lavender ‘Lavance Deep Purple’和….really any purple tall bearded Iris, such as‘His Royal Highness’或者'潇洒'。


‘Bright Sunset’ Daylily

你是一个温暖还是酷的颜色?或者喜欢我,爱他们所有?!这是Daylily ‘Bright Sunset’去年和一个我曾经在西terrace garden at Moss Mountain Farm. Almost 3 feet tall and slightly fragrant! Fantastic with purple and deep yellow bloomers such as‘Eye Shadow’ Creeping Phlox和the ever so charming'亲爱的克莱门汀'鱼爵。所有多年生植物同伴。这些都在Gilbert H. Wild & Son目录。




Are you a variegated person or not? I suppose I am and it’s all about their use in the garden. Great eye catching plants!!! This isSedum'Atlantis'a new one for me this past year. I’m combining it with purple full sun blooming perennials …LOVE purple.'城市灯'高大胡子虹膜‘Millennium’ Ornamental Onion应该恰好配对!


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