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在P. Allen Smith的工作

Our team is growing and we are always interested in speaking with talented professionals interested in our mission. Below you will find currently open opportunities; if you would like to submit your resume for us to keep on file for future opportunities, please send to: jsumpter@www.bjnqb.com.




Social Media Intern (4)

JR.景观建筑师(P. Allen Smith Feed Gardens&Landscapes)

Web Development Intern

Media Production Intern

Georgiana Corsini和Allen Smith的图片
Georgiana Corsini and Allen Smith


Making the World a Healthier, Friendlier Place

We value the gifts of the earth and believe by preserving those gifts, and incorporating them into our lives, we improve the health of our families and communities. We promote this insight through landscape and garden design, community development, public television, education, social media, streaming services, speaking engagements and appearances, and a number of related businesses.

Our Main Hub


We believe in supporting the vibrancy of all communities and have been a stronghold of positive activity for the past 20 years in the Quapaw Quarter of Little Rock, now known as the Historic Governor’s Mansion District. Our downtown home is on a tree-lined street with off street parking and is within 2 minutes of I630 — making this a convenient office location for many locations in the region. A number of great restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and pubs are nearby, with the rich offerings of the River Market and downtown LIttle Rock just a few minutes away. We provide private offices to our team members and keep the day rolling with fresh coffee. Our namesake and founder is in the office daily, offering helpful guidance and interaction for percolating ideas our creatives surface. Most of our teams–design, event planning, photography, social media, TV production–are located under the same roof, allowing for creative engagements and nimble project production.

耶和华男孩加入了莫斯山农场的P. Allen Smith团队和客人
Lucky Sebastopols在P. Allen Smith的遗产家禽养殖场所
A colorful, fruit, herb and ornamental filled border garden at Moss Mountain Farm
Dorpers meander though a green pasture at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm

Further Afield

The Vegetable Garden at Moss Mountain Farm


Internationally recognized and arresting year-round, the Moss Mountain Farm property provides inspiration and endless content capturing for all of our teams and guests. Many of our segments, pieces, events and meetings take place at this location, a private estate on 600 acres, sited 500 feet above the Arkansas River. Leisure gardens, organic vegetable gardens, rose conservancies, an apiary, aviary and multiple paths challenge our team members and guests to higher and better selves and work product. We host national and international press, conservationists, philanthropists, politicians, artists, farmers, gardeners, events, weddings, business leaders, and volunteer organizations January to December each year.

Dallas Arboretum Fruits and Vegetable Garden designer, P. Allen Smith


  1. We are early pioneers in the Organic Farming, Green Gardening, Preservation, Local Food, and Responsible Design movements.
  2. 我们的核心业务之一通过灵感,教育和自然经验帮助个人和社区。
  3. We house a diversity of creative talent and team under one roof–all working together.
  4. One of our office locations is a Garden Home!
  5. 我们位于阿肯色州(阿肯色州)中心的中心,位于美国中心,靠近美国的心跳,享有世界观。
P. Allen Smith在达拉斯艺术博物馆(DMA)装饰艺术研讨会上发言
P Allen Smith & Associates PASA
We find hand sketching instrumental for inspiring clients in our design practice
Designers with P. Allen Smith & Associates review a site plan
Renderings and design options await a special residential client

13 Recent Developments

  1. 在遍布阿肯色州的20次粉刷花园的安装
  2. 2018年黄金奖牌从味道奖励电视生产卓越
  3. Rizzoli的推荐生活花卉2019年书籍
  4. 荣获私人花园设计委员会幸运500 business headquarters
  5. 出版于the Rare Breeds Trust magazineThe Arc,for animal conservation excellence
  6. 出版于Garden & Gunas a “Must Visit” Southern destination
  7. Presented and Lectured at Texas Design Week in Houston
  8. Consulted to the garden design for Winterthur House
  9. Hosted “Poultry Days” at Moss Mountain Farm
  10. 筹集到圣约翰的顺序,提供vision and healthcare for the poor and needy
  11. 媒体研究生景观与建筑学生对可持续性和美容的重要性
  12. 为年轻的家庭设计和安装了休闲和草药花园
  13. Awarded the design commission for a progressive-life garden community

A normal day on the job…


P. Allen Smith与James Sumpter,Bettie Pardie(私人纽波特),Margot Shaw(出版商,花杂志)和客人
Promoting Organic Farming practices in Costa Rica
P. Allen Smith与Alice Walton庆祝Crystal Bridges
艾伦股份与Little Rock的频道7个新闻发布园艺提示
Allen with Regina Charboneau and members of the PAS Production Team at Kings Tavern, Natchez
Allen reviews a spread on Moss Mountain Farm in Southern Living
Allen exercises Trudy at Moss Mountain Farm



Building bridges is important to us and we believe strength comes from leadership and diversity.

P. Allen Smith和Hort188bet官网us,Ltd是平等机会雇主。所有合格的申请人都将在不考虑种族,颜色,宗教,性别,性取向,性别身份,性别表达,国家起源,年龄,受保护的退伍军人或残疾人地位或遗传信息的情况下接受雇佣审议。